“The Belly Bed offers a variety of sleeping positions which are not available on a conventional bed. This helps to get a better night’s sleep and assists overall in coping with the demands of pregnancy.”

Dr. Michael Webster,

Gynecologist & Obstetrician NSW

“I believe that the Belly Bed might prevent the development of preeclampsia, or even reverse the syndrome in pregnant woman, because when the pregnant woman lies prone in the Belly Bed, it should lower the pressure within the abdomen, which I believe is the cause for the syndrome.”

Dr. Harvey Sugerman, Emeritus Professor of Surgery,

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

“We took a gamble and bought a Belly Bed and from the first night I was able to sleep pain free. Even though moving around during the day was still difficult, it was wonderful to know that I would have a good night sleep.”

Cheryl Waldron

“For the last two months I kept my Belly Bed inflated next to my ordinary bed which allowed me to go to bed normally but roll onto the Belly Bed when I got uncomfortable.

The Belly Bed was a Godsend, it allowed me to sleep on my belly without putting any pressure on the baby and the leg rest helped relieve the pain in my legs – I could literally see my legs change before my eyes. While using the bed I slept soundly right through the night.

I have tried all kinds of ways to get comfortable in the past including the pillows and none of them offered the flexibility of the Belly Bed. If you’re pregnant and finding it hard to rest – get one. You can’t put a price on being relaxed and rested during pregnancy and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Emma Joyce


“I definitely will be using one of these beds in my next pregnancy. Thanks heap Gianna for the use of your amazing creation.”

Kelly Kendall


“I just have to let you know how excited and pleased I am with the Belly Bed. The Belly Bed takes minutes to inflate and deflate and stores away in its own compact carry bag. Best of all it was superbly comfortable, the easily adjustable cavity centre allowed me to sleep peacefully throughout the night as I was able to adjust it to accommodate my growing belly during my third trimester.

Not only are your products affordable, durable, and very helpful, your customer service is great.”

Denique Ogilvie

Sydney NSW

“Whilst its name sake “the Belly Bed” speaks for itself the attributes of this mastermind invention has many more far reaching benefits. My husband was amazed that I was firstly able to get a decent night’s sleep & not wake up in throbbing pain and secondly that when I got out of bed in the morning I could actually walk without my back or legs giving way from under me. Whilst my conditions are related to pregnancy I strongly recommend this bed for any person who suffers from back, hip, sciatica or vascular conditions pertaining to swollen ankles or legs.

I am not sure how I would’ve coped throughout my pregnancy had it not been for the support that this bed allowed me in terms of a temporary relief from my pregnancy related ailments. This is one of those prized inventions that is worth its weight in gold and truly does work, try it, you won’t be disappointed.”

Lisa Schapiro

“The Belly Bed is FANTASTIC! The first night my pain was reduced by about 50% and from then on about 80%.  I feel like a new woman and I want to thank you for the opportunity to feel this way. It’s wonderful and I wish I had one during my last pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Belly Bed to anyone in extreme pain. Thanks.”

Nicole Rowe


“My wife has now slept on The Belly Bed for two nights and is sold on it.  Her hips aren’t numb or cold anymore, and by morning she is far more rested.”

Daddy –to- be, Mark Stockwell

“At around 34 weeks pregnant, I was so desperate for relief and rest that I decided to try the Belly Bed.

I suffered with severe pelvic, hip and lower back pain.  I also experienced numbness in my hips and legs along with pins and needles.  I was in agony day and night.  At one point I was hospitalized, put on pain medication and a pain management plan involving various physical therapies.

I was also told that my blood pressure rose to 143/95 (normally 110/70) and I needed to rest.

After a week of using the Belly Bed, I found some much needed pain relief and sleep which enabled me to stop using pain medication.  The pain slowly began to decrease and within three weeks of using the bed I was almost 100% pain free.

Needing more rest to bring my blood pressure down, I spent a lot of time lying on the bed.  The adjustable pressure of the bed and cavity allowed me to rest comfortably for extended periods on my belly and side, something which I would not have been able to do in a normal bed.  I slept comfortably for 8 to 9 hours every night because of the Belly Bed.

During this pregnancy, I gained over 20kg (I now weigh 90kg) as well as my increased blood pressure.  The weight gain could have been work related stress or the result of my pregnancy. However, by sleeping and resting on the Belly Bed, after four weeks, my blood pressure returned to normal at 110/70.

I am now pain free and feeling fantastic.  I believe the bed played a large role in enabling me to rest and help my blood pressure return to normal.  I’m not sure how I would have coped in the last few months of my pregnancy without the Belly Bed as it has totally changed my pregnancy, making it an enjoyable experience.  I wish I had used the bed earlier as it has been a life saver for me and I would recommend the bed to all pregnant women.”

Alexandra Pittet

A very happy and satisfied customer.


What compartment should I inflate first?

Always inflate the main compartment of the bed first (Position 1 on the dial) before the cavity cushion or leg rest.

Why is my bed not inflating?

Always check that the air outlet valve is closed (turned clockwise) before inflating the bed. Secondly, check the pump is pushed correctly into the pump housing case. Make sure the dial is on Position 1.

How will I know when the bed is fully inflated?

The sides of the bed should be firm to touch (to the point where you find it hard to pinch the vinyl material). The bed should be firm to lie on, if in doubt cease inflating the bed and test bed out before inflating with more air. (Avoid over-inflation).

Can I leave the dial on any setting while sleeping?

No, you must always leave the dial on Position 1 when sleeping. Never leave on Position 2 or 3. (The Position 2 setting is to be used for inflating/deflating the abdominal cavity and the Position 3 setting is only to be used when inflating/deflating the leg rest). Once the compartment(s) have been adjusted to the required height, the dial is to be turned back to the Position 1 when resting or sleeping).

I feel the leg rest has not deflated enough when lying down on my belly.

Deflate any remaining air that might be left in the leg rest. Ensure that the dial is then returned to Position 1.

I feel a strain on my back when lying down on my belly.

This could be one of two reasons, primarily the cavity cushion has not been inflated high enough, causing back discomfort, if so, inflate more air into the cavity cushion until strain is relieved. Or secondly you need to ensure that the leg rest is totally deflated. If the leg rest is slightly elevated (when lying on your belly) this may cause slight strain on your back. Once adjusted always check the dial is then returned to Position 1 when resting.

Can I use a sheet on the bed?

We recommend that you always use a bed sheet as this allows you to move more comfortably when changing positions on the bed. We recommend the belly bed sheet which has been designed for maximum comfort.

How do I clean and take care of my Cavity Pillow?

We recommend that you air your Cavity pillow out in the sunshine every now and then. To clean, follow cleaning instructions on pillow label.

What is the best way to deflate and pack the bed away?

Firstly remove the comfort pillow and deflate all air from the cavity cushion and leg rest using the hand held remote. Secondly release the air valve to deflate the air from the main compartment. Once all air is deflated, fold one side of the bed into the middle, do the same to the other side. Fold both ends into the middle and fold in together one more time. Pack bed into Belly Bed carry bag (included) for storage.

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