Frequently asked questions / Troubleshooting

What compartment should I inflate first?

Always inflate the Main Body compartment of the Belly Bed first (select Position 1 on the control dial, press and hold the “UP” button on the Hand-held Remote) before adjusting the Abdominal Cavity Air Pillow or Leg Rest.

Why is my Cavity Air Pillow or Leg Rest inflating by itself?
Air may travel to these compartments when the dial has not been returned to Position 1 (which controls the Main Body of the bed and also closes off the air compartments to the Cavity Air Pillow and Leg Rest). When these compartments are not being inflated/deflated, always return the Compartment Control Dial to Position 1 when resting or sleeping
I feel a strain on my back or neck when lying down on my belly

This could be one of two reasons:

  1. The Cavity Air Pillow has not been inflated high enough causing back discomfort. If so, inflate more air into the Cavity Air Pillow until you are comfortable. 

  2. Lying on your belly with the Leg Rest slightly elevated, may also cause discomfort on your back.   Ensure that the Leg Rest is totally deflated.

What sheets can I use on the Belly Bed
It is recommended that you use the provided Belly Bed Mattress Protector on the Belly Bed followed by the provided Belly Bed sheets. This allows you to move more comfortably and easily when changing positions on the bed.  Using the Belly Bed approved sheets also ensures the pump is not covered.  
Why does my Cavity Feather Pillow feel different from when I first started using the Belly Bed?
The Cavity Feather Pillow is designed to conform to your body and provide support. When you have used your Cavity Feather Pillow for an extended period of time, it is possible for the pillow to become compact.   Therefore, we strongly recommend removing the Cavity Feather Pillow daily from the Abdominal Cavity hole and fluffing up the feathers. This will help the pillow to hold its shape and maximise its softness and support before lying back on the Cavity Feather Pillow. 
How do I clean and take care of my Cavity Feather Pillow?
It is recommended that you shake your Cavity Feather Pillow daily and air your Cavity Feather Pillow out in the sunshine every now and then. Do not was or dry clean the pillow.  Spot clean only. 
What Head Rest Pillow should I use?
You can use any pillow that is comfortable for you. However, it is recommended to use a pillow that is not too high (as this may cause a strain on your neck or back). 
Why do I sometimes hear a quiet noise from the pump when not in use?
If the Control Dial Arrow has not been returned back to Position 1 after inflating or deflating the Abdominal Cavity (Position 2 on the dial) this may cause the air compartment to remain open which will result in a ticking sound being heard from the pump. To resolve this, ensure the dial is turned back to Position 1 to seal off the remaining compartments. 
Can I overheat the pump?
Ensure there is sufficient clearance around the pump unit, that there is nothing obstructing the ventilation of the pump such as blankets, sheets and other loose items, otherwise this could cause the pump unit to overheat and shutdown prematurely. If the pump overheats, it will stop working. Let the pump cool for 5 minutes and then try again, ensuring there is sufficient clearance around the pump unit. The flap for retaining the pump in the bed can be kept hanging over the pump. 

In the event that you experience problems, do not attempt to repair The Belly Bed.
Immediately stop using the Belly Bed. Please consult this manual and contact the study team immediately.