Pre-screening form

These details are for the purpose of contacting you for this study only. This information will not be retained.
Able to attend up to five follow-up appointments either in person at North Shore Private Hopsital or via telehealth*
Are you aged 18 or over?*
Are you less than 32 weeks pregnant?*
Do you have pregnancy related pain in the pelvic, hip and/or lower back area?*
Are you pregnant with more than one baby?*
Do you have space to fit a portable king single sized bed?*
Please note: The bed is 192cm x 116cm x 55cm in dimension when fully inflated.
Do you weigh more than 120kg?*
Is your height greater than 198cm?*
Are you able to speak and comprehend English?*
Do you have cholestasis, arthritis, or any sleep disorders?*
Have you ever fractured your pelvis or had a spinal injury?*