A truly comfortable sleep
for expectant mums.


Independently adjustable compartments

Cavity pillow

Multi function remote control

The Belly bed with adjustable leg lift

Adjustable leg lift


A one of a kind innovation, The Belly Bed allows you, as an expectant mum, to sleep comfortably through the night on your belly and side with ease.


Relieving pregnancy pain

A recessed abdominal cavity in the air-filled bed makes restful sleep possible. This is because the cavity’s depth may be adjusted to accommodate your growing belly, right up to full term!


Recommended by obstetricians, pressure on your belly is alleviated, making The Belly Bed perfectly safe for you and baby.


So say good-bye to the aching discomfort of pregnancy pain in the pelvis, hips or lower back during an undisturbed good night’s sleep.


Using your Cavity Pillow

The Cavity Pillow* has been designed especially for the Belly Bed.  Place it in the abdominal cavity cushioning your belly and baby with comfort and softness when you lie on your front or side.  Making a wonderful bed partner, the Cavity Pillow truly allows you to believe you’re lying with ease on a conventional bed.


Supporting breastfeeding mums

You can feel great benefit from the Cavity Pillow* in The Belly Bed even when breastfeeding, as it cushions your breasts comfortably and makes sleeping so much easier.


Easing tired legs

The comfort leg rest of The Belly Bed helps alleviate tired, heavy and swollen legs, and aid in the prevention of varicose veins.  Simply raise up the lower section of the bed and relax!


Allowing everyday use

The Belly Bed makes a most convenient guest bed. Simply ensure the abdominal cavity is fully inflated.


*The cavity pillow is a complimentary accessory included with purchase of your Belly Bed.







The Belly Bed is ready for use in just two minutes!

Using a hand-held remote, the bed is air-filled by an internal electronic pump. Once inflated, you can easily adjust its three compartments so you’re as comfortable as possible.


Made from lightweight yet durable vinyl and washable flocking, The Belly Bed comes with a carry bag for easy storage and portability.


It is inflated at 198cm x 117cm x 55cm (78” x 46” x 21.5”) and supports up to 220kg.


Please view our instruction manual for further details.

We also offer a 7 Day Free Trial and a Limited Warranty






A winning spa bed innovation transformed into home use

The Belly Bed is the creation of mother of five, Gianna Muollo.  A beauty therapist and former owner of one of New Zealand's busiest day spas, she found that no matter how many pillows she used to prop up the belly or legs of pregnant clients, they just couldn't get comfortable.


So Gianna’s design of a Belly Bed began. After developing a commercial Belly Bed for her day spa and winning the singing praises of her pregnant clientele, she decided to transform this creation into a Belly Bed for home use.

Gianna spent more than five years developing The Belly Bed.  There were numerous prototypes and trials as well as the encouragement and support of leading obstetricians.


However, she knew she was on to a winner when the first prototype arrived near the end of her fourth pregnancy.

"I'll never forget thinking how lovely it was to be able to lie and sleep comfortably on my belly and side," Gianna said. "My migraines, sciatica back pain, and swelling in my ankles and legs disappeared, and I was sleeping soundly right through the night."


This mum's dream of an undisturbed good night's sleep during pregnancy can now become a reality for all mums-to-be.






Your Belly Bed

As we value the quality of our Belly Bed, I’m sure you wish to maintain it in pristine condition.


Here’s how:


  • Walk around and inspect your Belly Bed before each use.
  • Keep your Belly Bed away from any sharp objects. Large cuts or tears may not be repairable and will not be covered under your warranty.
  • If your Belly Bed will not be used for extended periods of time, deflate it and store in its carry bag in a clean, dry place out of extreme temperatures.
  • The Belly Bed should be at or close to room temperature prior to inflating. Do not inflate if the plastic feels warm or cold to touch.
  • Do not store your Belly Bed inflated or outside as this can void your warranty.
  • Where minor damage has occurred to the surface of your bed, a repair kit has been included. Please follow repair instructions carefully.
  • There are no serviceable parts in the pump. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair. Contact Customer Care if your pump is not working.
  • Clean your Belly Bed using a mild dish washing detergent. Never use products containing harsh chemicals. Allow the bed to dry naturally before use or storage.
  • To clean your Cavity Pillow we recommend following the cleaning instruction label on the pillow.


Your Belly Bed Cavity Pillow

To make the most out of the comfort of your Cavity Pillow:


  • Give it a good shake when you use it for first time.
  • Spot clean with a clean damp cloth only, ensuring that you avoid excess water.
  • Do not dry-clean or wash, rather air pillow in sunshine when possible.
















The Belly bed with adjustable leg lift
The Belly bed with adjustable leg lift
The Belly bed with adjustable leg lift